Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Letters

Hey everyone!  I haven't found a particularly compelling article to discuss in a while, so I'll be talking about Christmas Letters.  I tired writing my first Christmas letter for my wife and I, as this will be our first Christmas as a married couple.  It was a tough balance, I thought, between being entertaining and informative.  Anyway, I figured I'd ask my loyal readers what you want in a Christmas Letter.  Should it be honest?  Should it be funny?  Should it be informative?  Or would you rather just have a picture?  What would make the perfect Christmas letter?  Thanks for the input!

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  1. Hand-written letters definitely hold a special place in society. With the advent of the e-mail and Hallmark, it appears that the idea of hand-writing a message is disappearing. With that said, the perfect Christmas letter should be creative and not a rushed job. Hand-made Christmas cards are an added bonus. As for the actual letter, it should have your particular flare so anyone that reads it will know that was from Peter and Courtney. For example, when I write letters, I always include a quote that is relevant to the subject or holiday. The content of the letter should not be overly long unless these are people that you don't talk to in a while (if so why are you sending them a home-made card anyway?). Again, depending on how many cards you will send out, a little note that is personal to the reader is always a nice touch. Example, remembering a fond memory, telling a shared joke, or asking about a certain event. As for honesty? Really, Peter? To tell you the truth, I see Christmas letters as a simple reminder that this person cares enough about the reader to include them and keep them up to date about their life. In my opinion, Christmas letters should not get too personal as it is not the place or the time. Finally, while you may have a lot to say, your Christmas letter recipients have a lot to do during the Holiday season and most likely will not have time to sit down and read a mini novel about your life. I will end now as I could go on and on, but then again, books are written on the subject.